The Cross-trainer provides a great all body workout and gives a general feeling of wellbeing. It is a valuable exercise for cardio fitness, fat burning, and weight loss.
The elliptical sequence of movements of a cross-trainer benefit all the main groups of muscles without undue stress on the joints. Cross-training strengthens and tones the whole body; affecting legs, buttocks, stomach, back, shoulders, and arms. The tension generated across center of the body has the added benefit of enhancing core strength in a similar way to pilates, resulting a a flatter stomach.
Intense training can result in large calorie burn similar to cross-country skiing which is one of the most energy hungry sports.
Johnson Fitness Cross-Trainer E8000  

Johnson-Cross-Trainer-E8000-PDFJOHNSON CROSS-TRAINER E8000

The Stepper is another machine that promotes a high intensity, high calorie burn. Great for burning off the weekend's excesses and for toning legs and gluts.
Johnson Fitness Stepper S8000  



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