The simple, elegant design of the Thatch Hot Tub Gazebo not only creates privacy for your hot tub, jacuzzi or spa, but also provides a stunning focal point in any garden.
Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo with Dimension One Lotus Bay Hot Tub   Manufactured from the highest quality machined treated timber with a 15 year guarantee and featuring a unique thatched roof. The hot tub gazebo is available in following size.
 Diameter Max Height Accommodates
Hot Tubs Up To
  4m 3.1m 290 x 290cm

All timbers are treated with Osmose Wood preservative and pre-stained (15 year guarantee).

(Home Delivered assembled England only)
Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo with Blue Jacuzzi   The thatch roofing system is easy to install and means that the gazebo can be supplied fully assembed, or in kit form for self-assembly.

Galvanised Steel Roof Framework

Cape Reed Thatch Tiles have a life expectancy of 6 -10 years

The thatched roof eliminates 100% UV and is 100% waterproof with roof liner.

Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo Bar Kit   Thatched Hot Tub Gazebos can be complimented with a matching bar and stool kit. Each kit contains 4 stools and a fitted bar that are robustly designed and easily installed.
Thatched Hot Tub Gazebo with Roof Lining and Canvas Panels   A range of canvas roof liners provide an attractive finish for the inside of the Gazebo and have added benefit of providing a 100% watertight lining.

The canvas side panels give added protection or privacy. Each item is manufactured from 50% Cotton / 50% Acrylic Canvas that is UV stable and resistant to mold and fungus.
CANVAS SIDE PANELS x 3 £243.95 each
(full length)


Circular and oval roofs with thatch tiles provide an excellent way to create a thatched roof for DIY Projects.
Cape Reed thatch tiles are an excellent way of creating a thatched roof, without the expense and time associated with geniune thatch. This do it yourself thatching system is easy to install, durable and long lasting. No special tools or skills are required.


Cape Reed Thatch Tiles for DIY project

STANDARD TILE - 80 x 42cm - Covers Straight or circular roof sections.

HEAVY TILE - 80 x 42cm - Used on the top row of circular structures, contains 50% more reed than standard tile.

CORNER TILE - Specifically designed to cer sharp direction changes such as hips found on rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal roofs.

TOP CONE - Finishes the top of a circular roof.
RIDGE TILE - 80 x 42 cm Neat method of finishing straight ridges on rectangular or oval roofs.
RIDGE END CAP - Specifically designed to neatly finish the ends of rectangular or oval roofs.
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