Water that Heals!
girl-relaxing-in-hot-tub Hydrotherapy : Water - Warming     Soothing     Relaxing.
Massaging aching muscles, relieving pressure on joints, increasing circulation, relaxing mind and body. Healing naturally.........

Something athletes have known for years.
Doctors and therapists have long been prescribing hydrotherapy for general well-being to minimize the effects of stress and tension.
Water Therapy has been around for centuries and used by many cultures including ancient Greece, Rome, China and Japan.

Proof it Works
In a study of 40 people at University of Minnesota, 85% of the participants preferred a whirlpool bath to a still bath. Only the whirlpool was effective in reducing the participants' reactivity to stress although both still and whirlpool baths were effective in reducing anxiety.

So whether its the stress of the day, or sleepless nights, overworked muscles or inflammation of the joints - a soak before bedtime and sleep comes easier; a spa after work and the cares of the world float away.
Concentrate specialized jets on those sore and aching muscles boosting blood circulation and releasing tense muscles and you're a new person!

massage 3 Hot Tubs provide a rich hydrotherapic treatment, combining boyancy, movement, and the warmth of the hot tub's water; assisted by the stimulation of massage by the spa jets.
  • The heat of the water quiets and soothes your body - raising the body's temperature causes the blood vessels to dilate and circulation to increase.
  • Water boyancy releases your body from the constant pull of gravity - it reduces body weight by up to 85%, reducing pressure on joints and muscles.
  • The massaging action of the water jets relax muscles whilst releasing natural pain killers, endorphins.
Your Personal Masseuse
The hot tub in your home or garden can be
your personal massage therapist!

Well designed Hot tubs have a variety of seats and fully adjustable jets that replicate various massage therapies.

A different hydrotherapy experience is possible from each well engineered massage seat. Different jet styles offer multiple massage techniques; from light swirling finger massage to deep tissue massage using Pulsating jet streams or soothing bubbles and whirlpool motion.

Sit in blissful relaxation while your Spa jets work wonders on your body. Like the hands of a highly professional masseuse working out the kinks from a tense day at the office, or easing the pain and inflexibility of an arthritic joint.

Imagine the sensation of a thousand fingertips gently caressing your body; or the highly concentrated pressure of acupressure
Increasing circulation and stimulating healing.
Promoting the deep relaxation needed for releasing stress.

massage 2

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